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NetSuite ERP

We take your business beyond traditional accounting software

NetSuite ERP takes your business beyond traditional accounting software by streamlining operations across your entire organization and providing you with the real-time visibility you need to make better, faster decisions.

  • Real-Time Data Monitoring:

    Get the information you need when you need it, even on the golf course. Immediate access to real-time data from cross-functional departments.

  • Multi Departmental Access To Information:

    No more siloed systems, reduce errors and redundancy from the lack of integrations. Increase process efficiencies across departments by have a single system for both front and back of the house.

  • IT Cost and Time Savings:

    No more need to spend money and time on hardware purchases, software installation, annual upgrades for multiple, siloed, systems. Spend your IT resources more strategically vs. these time wasting tactical actions.

  • Better Decision Making:

    Having better, real-time, data from a more efficient organization gives you better data, allowing you to better analyze trends.Make decision off of real data vs. waiting for the reports to come in.

NetSuite CRM+
The Missing Piece In Your Organization?

The aim of CRM software is to organize customer data, interactions, and services; automate and synchronize sales, marketing reports and services, and provide overall technical support. Other tertiary function of this software is to oversee the employee – vendor relations.

Hence, CRM is best described as, “Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to methodologies, software and Internet capabilities that allow companies to manage their relationships with current and potential customers. Companies often use CRM software applications to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.” 

NetSuite CRM+ Offers The Following Benefits:

  • Efficient Data Management With Sales Force Automation:

    CRM software applications are capable of integrating and automating systems such as sales processes, order management, sales forecasting, etc. With the efficiencies of CRM, the employees have one-stop access to all the data, helping them making quick decisions, overall increasing the productivity.

  • Effective Customer Interaction With Marketing Automation:

    Just as the term suggests the marketing automation software literally automates the marketing process. Its abilities are managing campaign and email management, lead reporting and analytics, website search engine optimization, landing page, and form creation. These increased capabilities help companies to understand their clients well, and interact with them in ways it wouldn’t have been possible without this software.

  • Improved Customer Experience, Support And Services:

    With this software, customers are accurately targeted and their requirements are identified clearly, this helps the company’s employees to better understand the lifecycle of their clients and then adhere to their needs, enhancing the customer experience by providing better support and service.

NetSuite eCommerce

The SuiteCommerce Advantage.

NetSuite was the first and foremost solution provider to unify ecommerce platform with the back office systems.

Today, SuiteCommerce powers thousands of online businesses helping them grow and expand to new heights. Backed by professional services, an extensive partner ecosystem and dedicated support, SuiteCommerce provides your business everything it needs to succeed.

SuiteCommerce Offers The Following Advantages:
  • One integrated system:

    SuiteCommerce integrates all systems such as POS, inventory and order management, marketing, merchandising, customer service, and financials etc. into one unified platform

  • Real-time data monitoring:

    Real-time data updates from cross functional departments bring together all data to make better decisions.

  • Flexibility to your business:

    Cloud-based ecommerce platform is accessible to your employees anywhere, anytime, and on any device, giving them the ultimate flexibility. Overall operational costs are reduced as cloud-based technology gets rid of maintaining hardware and software.

NetSuite PSA
NetSuite Professional Services Automation solution is your answer!

If you are stressed about managing your project data and accurately invoicing clients — NetSuite Professional Services Automation solution is your answer!

NetSuite PSA is a tool designed to assist in planning, implementing project plans, and tracking their progress. This software provides an overview to your professional services organization, improves resource utilization, streamlines invoicing and billing, elevates on-time project delivery and drives profitability.

Key Benefits:
  • Delivers real-time visibility into your services organization’s performance and profitability.
  • Improves on-time project delivery and drives project success rates.
  • Increases resource utilization with advanced resource management functionality.
  • Equips your services team with mobile access to time and expense management.
  • Reduces hardware maintenance costs and upgrade hassles with cloud-based delivery.

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    Don't let the past hold you back – a cloud-based system like NetSuite can deliver flexibility and freedom, real-time visibility of your business and customers, and a reduced total cost of ownership.

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