NetSuite’s 2019.1 Spring Release Packs in Analytics, Global Finance, Ecommerce, HCM and PSA Features

NetSuite is excited to announce the NetSuite 19.1 Spring Release.

As a pioneer in cloud business management solutions, NetSuite ensures that its customers benefit from its products and innovation quickly and seamlessly. As a SaaS application, the changes are incremental and regular, integrating new and improved features and ensuring that customers can easily consume and benefit from them.

There is rigorous testing to make sure everything works as it should, with a constant feedback loop from global customers about what they would like to see next. With more than 16,000 global customers, it is important that everything works as expected.

The product improvements are useful only if customers know about them and have a clear understanding of not just what changed but also the impact of those changes. With comprehensive documentation, training, testing and communication, including the exact date and time of each upgrade, customers are knowledgeable and well prepared to benefit from every release.

With an average upgrade time of less than an hour, NetSuite customers get regular and seamless upgrades to their software at no cost and without causing any disruption to their business.

Watch this Sneak Peek to get a preview of what’s new across several different areas. There is something for everyone. Highlights of the release include:

SuiteAnalytics Workbook – New, Powerful, Secure Way to Explore and Visualize Your Data, and Make Informed Decisions

The SuiteAnalytics Workbook leverages a new user interface and new analytics capabilities and is designed so that even inexperienced users can perform complex data analytics tasks quickly and easily. With the new SuiteAnalytics Workbook, everyone in your organization can be a power analyst with self-service business intelligence enabling them to discover insights, take action and accelerate business success.

Global Financials – Simplify and Automate Global Financial Processes and Compliance 

Easily manage complex domestic and global tax calculations with new SuiteTax and VAT capabilities. Gain compliance with new lease accounting standards ASC 842/IFRS 16. Control spend with book specific budgets and new approval workflows for bills and vendor payments. Manage payments efficiently with new installment terms on bills and invoices. Improve period close with enhanced Multi-Book Accounting features.

Supply Chain and Order Management – Easy-to-Use, Scalable Solution that Advances Supply Chain Collaboration and Streamlines All Transactions

Increase productivity, simplify processes and improve cost modeling with multiple manufacturing enhancements. Simplify work order reporting with MES tablet application support for all work order types. Operate Quality Management tablet app across global facilities with all NetSuite supported languages. Improved support for multi-subsidiary businesses providing customers the ability to quickly act on the information they receive with Supply Chain Snapshot enhancements.

Professional Services Automation – Optimize Project and Resource Planning, Improve Budgeting and Forecasting, Automate Revenue and Billing 

Generate more new business, improve productivity and manage project pipeline through Project Creation from Opportunities and Estimates. Enhanced Global Project support for employee Foreign Currency Expense report reimbursement. Faster assignment of project teams with Resource Groups and other resource management enhancements. Improved time entry compliance with enhanced Missing Timesheet Reporting. Manage all project billing easily, quickly and in one place with Purchase Charge Rule.

Commerce – Simplify and Improve Business and Consumer Experience That Help Business Growth

Enhance and evolve SuiteCommerce web store with many new extensions including new feature categories, product feeds, size charts and best sellers. Maximize sales potential and optimize profitability with dynamic customer groups and targeted promotions. Gain deeper engagement levels with your customers with contact specific B2B cart functionality.

Human Capital Management – More Control, Consistency and Improved Security of Core HR Processes

Gain from consistent and standardized ways to manage employee lifecycle from hire to rehire with Employee Status Categories. Benefit from more flexibility in classifying labor-intensive industry workforce with Employee Type Categories and support for Hourly Time-Off Accruals. Ensure additional security of sensitive HR and employee data with Core Administration Permission and Employee Access Permission features. Get more control and flexibility with Payroll enhancements.

Platform – Gain Competitive Advantage by Creating and Managing Reliable, Scalable and Seamless NetSuite Extensions 

Ensure international document exchange compliance with Digital Signing API. Improve and strengthen security with support for mutual HTTPS authentication and 2FA for highly privileged roles. Easily transfer a Custom Object from one NetSuite account to another using new Copy to Account (beta). Build extensive, productive and visually attractive Workbook experiences on the platform with Query API.

Enjoy the exciting new release!

NetSuite Announces Brainyard, a Research and Benchmarking Website

Imagine if, for the past 20 years, you had a front row seat into the machinations of 16,000 businesses in more than a dozen industries, from the smallest family business to the multi-generational conglomerate, from the shiniest new startup to the industry incumbents, from the friends-and-family funded to the private equity backed and the publicly traded.

Imagine if you had watched them spin a can’t-miss idea into a household name, seeing every stumble and misstep along with every triumph, as they grew into an employment machine, stomping their footprints around the globe, shaking loose of new ankle-biting competitors.

Imagine if you’d seen them move from shoeboxes filled with receipts or wrestle with ledgers tucked into spreadsheets to their first, full-blown financial system, their first real business process now automated and endless possibilities ahead.

You’d have a veritable treasure trove of data and insights to help the next 16,000 in the decades ahead.

You’d have the blueprints for success, for how to grow just about any business in any industry. You’d probably even be crazy to give those blueprints away.

But that’s just what NetSuite is doing. At SuiteWorld19, NetSuite is launching Brainyard, a website that unlocks the collective wisdom it’s gained from having that front-row seat.

What you’ll see on Brainyard is research, benchmarks and the analysis of both. There will be a full research calendar across each vertical industry, which will turn into “state-of” style reports. Those reports will also be used to craft other deep-dive content. Some of this is the very research that has helped to evolve the NetSuite product.

One of the common requests from business leaders is that they want to know how other companies like them are performing. They want to benchmark various aspects of their operations and performance. NetSuite has vast amounts of data at its disposal, some of it qualitative, based on the experience of industry experts, and much of it quantitative, including performance data from Finlistics, an analytics firm. NetSuite has built resource pages for critical KPIs across 12 vertical industries, and there’s more where that came from.

Brainyard will not only analyze the research and the benchmark data, it will also provide prescriptive advice. In fact, the site will feature content primarily from NetSuite industry principles and extended roster of subject matter experts. The data won’t simply be thrown at you either. Understanding what good Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) looks like in a given industry might be interesting, but Brainyard will tell you some of the other KPIs that influence a good DSO metric, like invoice cycle time and accounts receivable FTE/$100m in revenue, and what good values look like for those metrics.

If you like to nerd out on inventory turns and fill rate and DSO, or you want to understand how consumers view brick-and-mortar stores in an e-commerce era, or new ways that nonprofits are thinking about social accounting, Brainyard is your jam.

It will deliver all of this not only in articles, but in infographics, research reports and videos—again, featuring NetSuite industry principles.

NetSuite is giving this knowledge away because it’s not just about selling software. NetSuite knows that every business journey is different, and wants to help your business grow.

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American Cancer Society, Vice, Second City Detail How NetSuite Helps Them Reach Their True North at SuiteWorld19

Oracle NetSuite Executive Vice President Evan Goldberg spent the opening keynote of SuiteWorld19 laying out a vision of how NetSuite customers can reach their “True North”—and how NetSuite can help get them there.

For the American Cancer Society, that True North is to “save lives, celebrate lives and lead the fight for a world without cancer,” said Rob King, CFO of the 105-year old organization.

Distributing $4.8 billion in cancer research over the last 70 years, the organization’s breadth is in fact much broader, including physician guidelines, early prevention programs, a hope lodge program that houses patients receiving treatment and a transportation program that helps them get there.

“We’ve been through a lot of change in recent years,” King said. “We’re learning to work with our customers in the way they want to work. That required a financials system and CRM that mirrored how they wanted to work with us. That’s the journey we’ve been on for the past couple years. NetSuite is giving us visibility into our current organization.”

Overcoming the challenges that come with running a fast-growing business takes visibility, control, agility, productivity and collaboration, Goldberg said, the five attributes that are the blueprint for growth.

“If you’re here today you’re likely trying to increase your impact,” Goldberg said. “The journey is not a straight line. We’ve seen it in our own business.”

Indeed, NetSuite’s own journey has gone from a five-minute phone call between Goldberg and Oracle founder Larry Ellison, to an IPO, through a couple economic downturns to its eventual acquisition by Oracle. Goldberg recounted at one point early on, he was reviewing user message boards when one customer wrote, the day before Christmas Eve, that his website was down and he was going to lose out on a lot of business. With just a handful of employees, Goldberg was able to get it fixed by 10 p.m.

“That was the moment we realized we were not providing a product, we were providing a service,” he said. “Our vision has remained consistent. It’s enabling our customers to achieve their vision through one system in the cloud. That’s always been our True North.”

From Aunt Annie to Unified Accounting at Improv Troupe

When Kelly Leonard, executive director of The Second City, first joined The Second City, the famed Chicago improv troupe, he was a dishwasher, Jon Favreau had just joined the company, Bonnie Hunt was on the resident stage and Chris Farley was in the touring group. And the accounting was Aunt Annie.

“That wasn’t a platform, that was someone’s aunt,” Leonard deadpanned.

Now, The Second City has expanded its business model to include improv training at outside organizations to boost innovation and collaboration and leadership. It also recently implemented NetSuite.

“We go into businesses to train people to unlock their ability to say yes,” Leonard said. “The cardinal rule of improv is, you can’t say no, you have to say yes and to explore, contribute and heighten the discussion. NetSuite allows our numbers to talk to each other in the same way we instill in people new processes to unleash their creativity. What NetSuite does is free us up so I’m nowhere near accounting.”

Adding new business models are just one lever for growth, but one that NetSuite is uniquely positioned to help with, Goldberg said. Features like support for the new lease accounting standards, a reallocation engine, the Oracle Bronto commerce marketing solution and SuiteBilling let customers add or adapt new business models. For example, NetSuite customer Roku has gone from delivering streaming hardware for cord cutters everywhere, to a streaming service that offers a one-stop shop service that manages a customer’s streaming subscriptions.

Supporting Global Growth

Another lever for growth is global expansion. Since 2016, NetSuite has added operations in 21 new countries and now has customers in 212 countries and independent territories. It has also added 20,000 new international subsidiaries. Learn more about NetSuite’s added global features and new localizations.

Advice for Dealing with Growth

But growth also brings additional challenges. When Shawn Assad joined VICE as the chief accounting officer, the company was feeling the growing pains of expanding into 13 countries providing content across video, social, mobile channels and a magazine.

“Most struggle with the moment of when to scale a business,” he said. “The founders of the business care most about the product and not the plumbing and wiring. Scaling the business is different than creating the business. You need to determine when is the right time to hire a CIO, a CTO. The more you wait the harder it is going to be to implement those new processes.”

Assad said he had to challenge some internal assumptions in helping to reconfigure the organization and be careful not to design roles around the wrong people and instead hire the right people. NetSuite has helped with the latest step in VICE’s journey to its True North, to be a preeminent media company and content creation studio.

“We went live globally in January of this year,” Assad said. “Before that we had three systems that didn’t talk to each other. It was hard for me to implement new processes. I didn’t’ have the right data to communicate to senior management.”

SuiteWorld19 continues this week in Las Vegas. Follow along on Twitter at #SuiteWorld19 and @NetSuite.

NetSuite and Visa Make Getting Paid Easier

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, almost 30 percent of the working age population in the U.S. and Europe derive some or all of their income from independent work. In case you are wondering, that’s more than 160 million people or, put another way, more than the entire populations of the U.K. and Germany combined.

The pros and cons of the rise of the “gig economy” are well documented, but there’s one area that doesn’t get as much attention as it should: How can independent workers get paid?

This is a tricky question as most organizations don’t have an easy or automated way of paying independent workers. The result: Slow, costly and antiquated processes like a live check.

This problem needs to be solved. Organizations need streamlined, real-time payments and processes to cut costs and retain top talent. Independent workers need timely and secure payments and want full visibility into the process. And full-timeemployees want new approaches to be applied to travel and expense management.

Capitalizing on the Opportunity to Make Customers’ Lives Better

To meet these needs, there is a massive shift occurring in the banking and ERP industry. Banks are using API technology to enable open banking, while ERP providers are embracing the latest fintech innovations to try and solve this challenge. Oracle NetSuite is leading this push with its Banking as a Service (BaaS) program, which enables fintechs, treasury banks and other financial institutions to turn connectivity into awesome customer experiences and repeatable services. This is all done directly inside the NetSuite platform. With NetSuite, it’s as simple as installing an app on your phone – you simply select, install, authenticate or setup and you are able to transact!

One example of this is the work with Visa. With NetSuite, Visa is creating the Card Payouts SuiteApp which, in cooperation with treasury banks, will provide the ability to allow funds to be delivered safely, quickly and conveniently via “push payments.” Visa Direct, Visa’s real-time push payments platform, and the Card Payout SuiteApp, reverse the direction of a transaction on the Visa network, “pushing” money to accounts using eligible debit cards.

Here is how it works:

‘Built for NetSuite’ Helps Ensure Quality and Scalability

The Card Payouts SuiteApp has achieved ‘Built for NetSuite’ status. This is a program for NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) partners that provides the information, resources and methodology to help ensure that the applications and integrations, built using the NetSuite SuiteCloud Computing Platform, meet NetSuite’s standards and best practices.

The Card Payouts SuiteApp will go live when the first treasury bank participates. Treasury banks participating in the pilot will be able to offer their business clients the opportunity to download the Card Payouts app from the NetSuite SuiteApp store. The SuiteApp is built to support card capture, tokenization and card-on-file payment transactions.

Calling all Treasury Banks

To make all this possible, Visa is helping its partners by creating a card-based, front-end user experience for treasury banks that integrates with their existing infrastructure. This cool new service helps expedite payments by leveraging Visa’s deep experience in risk authentication and fraud mitigation and NetSuite’s Banking as a Service program. The combination will enable corporate payments that are safe, fast, reliable and secure.

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NetSuite Continues to Enhance Supply Chain Software

At its annual SuiteWorld19 conference, NetSuite continued to enhance its SCOPE (Supply Chain Operational Excellence) project that’s been delivering real functionality to customers for a few years and is set to continue.

The SCOPE project started in the fall of 2015 when NetSuite gathered a group of customers at its headquarters and had them map out their supply chains and highlight where their challenges and opportunities were. This drove a hit list of features to build out or enhance – but rather than doing it in isolation, NetSuite included customers in every step of the design, development and testing process ensuring that it would deliver functionality that was actually useful.

In 2017, NetSuite started to release these new features to customers and every six months or so they have been getting a little more. So far, major new features have included:

Inbound Shipment Management
NetSuite WMS
Inventory Status
Quality Management
Supply Chain Snapshot
Automatic Location Assignment
Cross-Subsidiary Fulfillment
Engineering Change Orders

You can find out more about these features in a previous blog post, NetSuite Adds Supply Chain Features Based on Customer Insights.

Coming next are some really exciting new features:

Supply Chain Control Tower

Customers initially said that the No. 1 thing they needed was a single page from which they could monitor an entire global supply chain and be alerted of actual and potential issues – and be able to resolve them with one click. The new Control Tower feature is the start of this key piece of functionality and will continue to evolve. Using AI and machine learning, customers will be able to predict which orders are going to be late, identify possible workarounds and flag affected orders.

Allocation & Commitment Engine

Of course being able to do all that means that the system needs to know exactly which actual or future inventory it is going to allocate to which demand. In traditional ERP systems, that’s usually part of an MRP run – but NetSuite has built an entirely new allocation and commitment engine that is rules driven and continuous. The system will continually try to optimize how to best use inventory and even help allocate between channels to ensure you meet your desired service levels at all times.

Updated Demand Planning

NetSuite first introduced the demand planning solution around 2011 and has been receiving and listening to feedback on it ever since. NetSuite is now going to launch an entirely new planning engine. It’s going to be a multi-year effort to get this fully launched, but you can expect to see the fruits of this labor relatively soon.

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NetSuite Helps Customers Build Cutting-Edge Ecommerce Sites with SuiteCommerce Extensions

NetSuite this week made it easier for customers to boost their marketing efforts, improve site design and integrate their website with popular applications with new SuiteCommerce extensions. These extensions empower non-technical users to quickly build outstanding customer experiences that will help businesses succeed not only online, but across all channels.

“We’re thrilled to offer business users another powerful way to enhance their online stores and keep customers satisfied,” Oracle NetSuite Vice President of Product Management Allison Auclair said. “Today, agility is key because customer preferences change so quickly, and extensions allow companies using SuiteCommerce to keep up with evolving trends.”

What kinds of extensions are available now?

Marketing extensions deliver popular functionality like showcasing best sellers/featured products, adding a blog or newsletter sign up box and supporting gift card balance inquiries. Design extensions add a photo gallery or slideshow, an interactive map for store location and different page layouts. Finally, integration extensions enhance your ecommerce site and online presence by leveraging tools like Google Analytics, live chat, Google Shopping and Facebook Dynamic Ads.

The beauty of extensions is they take the place of many customizations, eliminating the need to edit core code. Extensions are designed to upgrade seamlessly with each release, allowing customers to enhance their site in a way that’s maintainable.

Creating better omnichannel experiences

Extensions are also a boon for omnichannel businesses that sell across physical stores, their own ecommerce website, third-party online retailers and elsewhere. With the Map & Contact extension, customers may find it easier to buy online, pick up in-store. Items that are especially popular in stores could be cross-promoted online in the “Best Sellers” category to fully capitalize on trending products. The blog and newsletter sign up are great tools to promote an end-of-season sale exclusive to brick-and-mortar stores.

Similarly, the Product Feeds extension puts inventory in the right format to create product feeds for Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Ads and price comparison sites. It will ensure brand consistency across channels and drive more sales.

Where can I access extensions?

Many extensions are already available on, with more coming soon. Users can easily activate extensions and check for upgrades in NetSuite’s intuitive extension manager.

For businesses with multiple ecommerce sites, extensions make it much easier and faster to give sites a common look and feel or launch new sites. No longer must developers spend hours customizing each site to maintain the brand’s style.

Upcoming extensions will support features like inventory display, item badges, product comparison and in-stock notification. In addition to extensions built by NetSuite – all of which are free – partners and clients can create extensions.

Extensions only add to the value of NetSuite’s unified ecommerce solution. Storing all real-time item, inventory, customer and order data in one place supplies insights that lead to better decision-making and makes seamless omnichannel experiences possible. Now more than ever, SuiteCommerce is an agile, extensible platform that changes and grows with your business.

Didn’t make it to SuiteWorld 2019? Check out in a few weeks to review decks from extension-related sessions and visit and to learn more about extensions.

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NetSuite Goes Global, Local to Simplify Global Trade

For many companies, global expansion represents both the key to reaching their next stage of growth and the impediment keeping them from getting there.

As the internet and a global supply chain allow businesses of any size to design, sell and manufacture almost anywhere in multiple locations at once, organizations also face increased complexity from tax and regulatory requirements at the regional, national and state level, to say nothing of the requirements around multiple currencies and languages.

At its SuiteWorld19 conference this week, NetSuite unveiled a line up of new features that allow businesses to act global while remaining local.

Global enhancements

Chief among the enhancements was the SuiteTax API. With it, customers no longer need to monitor tax rate changes across more than 100 countries, because the API does it for them within NetSuite. Additionally, a new expense report feature allows customers to automatically reimburse employees in their local currency instead of the currency of the company’s headquarters. Finally, new trade enablement features simplify intercompany trade business processes within NetSuite including transactions, reconciliations and netting.


NetSuite also revealed a number of added features that simplify compliance with local regulations as well. NetSuite now supports the following:

India Local GST and TDS tax requirements for India and localized reports that generate the data required for E-Way Bill documents and filing tax returns in the format specified by the Indian government.

Japan Zengin XML format file as well as current fixed length format, the new requirement from the Japanese Bankers Association (Zengin-Kyo).

Mexico All information required by the Mexico Tax Authority, including electronic invoicing and electronic accounting, is stored within NetSuite.

UK NetSuite is now compliant with Making Tax Digital (MTD), a government initiative that became mandatory on 1st April, 2019, requiring UK businesses to submit tax returns and payments online while also keeping digital records of taxes. NetSuite customers can instantly comply with the new regulations by enabling the International Tax Reports SuiteApp.

Financials First

NetSuite has also developed local editions of SuiteSuccess Financials First, NetSuite’s NetSuite unique set of processes, activities and systems specifically designed to deliver value from the beginning. It provides customers with a strong foundation to transform their business with a pre-configured solution and methodology. There are now local editions for China, France, Germany, India, Japan and Singapore.

NetSuite Brings SuiteSuccess to Planning and Budgeting

For many companies, sophisticated planning and budgeting software that automates routine finance tasks and provides detailed financial modeling is simply out of reach or untenable. What tools are out there tend to be one-size-fits all, forcing smaller companies to shoehorn planning into Excel or larger companies to bring in an army of people to implement and manage the tools. What’s worse is that rolling these systems is disruptive and solution providers are often focused solely on the finance function without a broader view of the nuances of the particular industry.

NetSuite introduced its Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) in 2017. At SuiteWorld19, it has married its planning and budgeting software with its SuiteSuccess industry solution, bringing its two decades of finance experience across multiple industries to planning and budgeting. NetSuite customers now have access to a guided implementation with industry practices built in, in as little as 30 days.

What’s more, PBCS is fully integrated with NetSuite to facilitate company-wide and departmental planning with modeling capabilities, approval workflows and reporting within one collaborative and scalable solution. The company has also linked the planning and budgeting models to the operational metrics that customers use to run their business in NetSuite.

NetSuite released the first PBCS SuiteSuccess edition at SuiteWorld. NetSuite PBCS SuiteSuccess Starter Edition provides users with end-to-end functional capabilities that help them quickly establish a solid planning, budgeting and forecasting process. That includes the ability to quickly apply trended forecasting techniques to forecast a full set of financials, fully baked financial statements that automatically aggregate across all segments and pre-configured reporting templates that allow for pertinent commentary, making it as easy as running a spreadsheet. Even the smallest of organizations will have an easy time of it. Seven more industry-specific editions will be available in June for software, services, advertising, media and publishing, nonprofit, manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail.

The ability to accurately predict an outcome plays a key role in any company having a successful planning, budgeting and forecasting process. NetSuite PBCS optimizes planning and forecasting estimates via a rigorous, pre-built statistical modeling engine. With a few easy clicks, predictive planning will collect historical data and generate a dashboard offering predictions for future results. On the dashboard, users can compare submitted data with predicted data, and when appropriate, apply the predicted values directly to their plan and/or forecast. Areas that customers have found to be most useful in this area include the ability to create multiple scenarios for “what-if” analysis, leverage multiple methodologies, out-of-the-box predicative analytics as well as pre-configured views for dynamic variance analysis.

NetSuite Introduces SuiteLife: The Latest in Channel Innovation

For as long as partners have been in the Cloud, NetSuite has been a leader and acknowledged innovator in partner programs, offering its partners attractive margins, recurring revenue and other opp

ortunities for traditional ERP partner along with somewhat non-traditional offerings, like the BPO Partner Program, the Accountant Program, the Commerce Agency Program and more. This week at SuiteWorld19, NetSuite unveiled what may be the largest innovation NetSuite has ever made in its partner ecosystem.

SuiteLife is NetSuite’s new partner engagement offering for Solution Provider and Alliance Partners. SuiteLife leverages NetSuite’s more than 15 years of expertise into what creates partner success in the Cloud to accelerate new partner onboarding, provide multiple layers of engagement and support all while taking advantage of NetSuite best practices enabling partners to grow their businesses faster, increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

With SuiteLife, new partners can be ready to sell NetSuite within 90 days of membership. Existing partner’s new hires can receive the same benefits, enabling those partners to scale their staff more quickly and cost-effectively

NetSuite designed SuiteLife around four key pillars: SuiteSuccess Alignment, Accelerated New Product Introduction, Partner Success Support, and a Simple and Holistic worldwide program structure.

SuiteSuccess Alignment 

NetSuite is bringing the identical journey it uses with its own new hires to new partners. This Accelerated onboarding enables NetSuite professionals across the disciplines of sales, marketing, solution consulting and functional consulting to be trained and functionally NetSuite-ready in as little as a few weeks, but more commonly in about 90 days. Accelerated onboarding starts with individuals attending either SuiteWeek, where a partner’s pre-sales and sales professionals train alongside the NetSuite direct sales force, or TechWeek for delivery professionals where partner only training takes place. SuiteSuccess, a pre-configured cloud solution built on industry leading practices based on NetSuite’s two decades in the business and more than 16,000 customers, provides the learning foundation for all attendees. Some practices may use other engagement models, in addition or instead of SuiteSuccess, to deploy NetSuite, so individuals learn how SuiteSuccess maps to these other models.

Partners can continue their learning using the online Learning Cloud Support (LCS) tool as part of the accelerated onboarding process. With LCS they get deeper knowledge of NetSuite products and specific industry best practices using SuiteSuccess Industry Editions as the basis. Plus, they can continue developing their skills relative to their pre-sales, sales or delivery role as they prepare to begin selling and implementing NetSuite.

Accelerated Product Launch

Education is a lifelong pursuit, especially when you are a NetSuite partner and growing this fast. With SuiteLife, all NetSuite partners will be up to speed on new releases or product launches as soon as they are released. In addition, partners can expand their knowledge across the portfolio by learning about WMSSuitePeopleSuiteBillingARM and more—allowing them expand their business by providing additional NetSuite functionality to their customers.

Success Programs

Beyond enablement, partners need support and SuiteLife provides extensive support to ensure teams are productive, implementations go smoothly and customers go live with a smile on their face. The first level of support partners receive is access to SuiteAnswers, NetSuite’s knowledge center of support articles, best practices, help topics and training videos. The next level is Premium Support, where partners receive 24/7 priority response to online or telephone inquiries plus advice and assistance on usage and configuration questions not offered in the basic support package. The third level is new with the launch of SuiteLife: Advanced Partner Support (APS). APS gives partners the opportunity to “phone a friend” or rather an elite NetSuite team for the most-complex, consultative implementation assistance that goes beyond beak-fix advice and provides real advice and program solving to ensure the best possible customer outcomes.

Unified Packaging

Integral to the Solution Provider and Alliance Partner programs, SuiteLife provides one subscription for all these enablement tools and levels of support. Unified into one package, partners can rest assured they have everything they need to ensure their team is productive, they can invest in growing their team predictably, their NetSuite practice is successful and their customers are world-class satisfied.

Get the SuiteSuccess Brochure to learn more.

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For Pre-revenue, Clinical Pharmaceutical Companies Growth Can Happen Fast, ERP Helps

In the decades James Neal spent in systems implementation and consulting for pharmaceuticals, he identified a gap at a critical point in the lifecycle of clinical, pre-revenue pharmaceutical companies. The move from stage 1 clinical trials to stages 2 and 3 happened fast—really, really fast—and followed a trajectory that didn’t really mirror growth in any other industry.

These companies needed robust financial processes and controls at lightning speed. And, for many, the system they chose needed to accommodate global financial processes, as trials for efficacy often occurred in different countries simultaneously. They needed to manage and automate complex purchasing transactions and approval flows in a way that didn’t map to traditional purchase order management. And they needed a platform that would support not only their existing growth, but also scale to accommodate the next stage, which include manufacturing processes, either outsourced or conducted in-house.

And many times, the companies themselves didn’t even fully understand that they needed all of that.

“Every day, they were doing things that other companies might see once in a lifetime,” Neal said.

It was with all that in mind that Neal launched AdaptaLogix in 2016, a boutique ERP implementation and consulting firm devoted exclusively to clinical stage, pre-revenue pharmaceutical companies, particularly to those getting ready for or in the midst of stage 2 clinical trials.

In just two years since its launch, the Philadelphia-based company has become the go-to NetSuite provider in this space, earning its reputation for a team deeply steeped in knowledge of everything a pre-revenue pharmaceutical company needs to operate soundly, efficiently and effectively, from implementing controls required for SOX compliance, to implementing testing protocols required for FDA validation. AdaptaLogix has saved its customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational costs, according to Neal, as well as the headaches associated with getting mired in operations – allowing them to focus on bringing life-changing drugs to market.

“We’re not an implementation partner, we’re a full solution consulting partner,” he said.

When There’s Little Time to get off QuickBooks

Within a period of sometimes as little as a year, a pre-revenue pharmaceutical company can go from five to six employees to 60 employees in phase 2 clinical trials, to some 300 to 400 when they enter phase 3.

At the same time, they’re often dealing with a dizzying mix of IPO, expansion, being acquired or acquiring someone else, commercialization and globalization. Having the tools to reduce time on financial close, ease global consolidations and eliminations, and to ensure better forecasting and planning is paramount.

Somewhere in the mix of everything listed above is where Neal’s first three “clients” sought his advice—before AdaptaLogix was AdaptaLogix. Their total confidence in his direction birthed the idea to launch a business devoted to this crucial and unique space.

“Whatever software you pick to build your implementation and consulting business around, we’ll put in,” his early clients told him.

Neal had implemented SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, OpenSystems and Deltek. None of them would be a good fit for this space, he thought. The systems were either too expensive, not flexible enough, or didn’t offer deployment models to fit the needs of the global, remote workforce that supports clinical, pre-revenue pharmaceutical growth. Seeking a cloud-based system, he started to look at two systems he hadn’t implemented before: NetSuite and Intacct.

“When we brought them both through the process, Intacct fell apart,” Neal said. Specifically, Intacct lacked the ability to handle transfer pricing when it came to selling products in different countries.

“It didn’t scale,” Neal said. “NetSuite was so much more mature.”

Financials in 90 days, with focus on future

Since launching its practice in 2016, Adaptalogix has relied on NetSuite to serve the needs of customers during this unique stage of pharmaceutical growth. Adaptalogix developed SuiteSuccess for Pharma, specifically tailored to meet the needs of clinical, pre-revenue pharmaceutical companies, allowing clients to implement base financial functionality in as little as 90 days. This positions the businesses with the sound financial automation and controls, as well as access to data for analysis, that will set them up strongly for the next phase of growth.

From there, AdaptaLogix has developed software and services for two tracks a pharmaceutical company typically follows: to complete manufacturing in-house or, which is more often the case, to outsource manufacturing processes. That includes custom-developed modules to fit the unique ways and requirements of a pre-revenue pharmaceutical company would manage contracts, approvals, or work with 3PLs.

As it continues to grow itself, AdaptaLogix plans to expand into technical accounting services, FDA validation services, and establishing a sort of “Pharma Hub” where like-minded companies servicing the same market can come together and share best practices for the advancement of the industry.

“We want to become perfect at delivering this,” Neal said. “We know exactly what they need to do we’re able to supplement what they need, without creating more headache than they need to have.”

Learn more about Adaptalogix & NetSuite ERP for Pre-Revenue Pharma by downloading this “Kit” including whitepaper, infographic and datasheet.